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Re: A sane guess at default Debian mirror for pbuilder

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Looking for prior art I found the following:

d-i uses the following hack to figure out where to download udebs from
when building installation media:

                grep '^deb[ \t]' $(SYSTEM_SOURCES_LIST) \
                |grep -v '^deb[ \t]cdrom:' \
                |grep -v '\(security.debian.org\|volatile.debian.\(net\|org\)\)' \
                |grep '[ \t]main' \
                |awk '{print $$1 " " $$2}' \
                |sed "s,/* *$$, $(SUITE) $(UDEB_COMPONENTS)," \
                |sed "s,^deb file,deb copy," \
                |perl -ne 'print unless $$seen{$$_}; $$seen{$$_}=1' ; \

see shy jo

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