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Re: A sane guess at default Debian mirror for pbuilder


> > debootstrap:
> > 	uses ftp.debian.org as default mirror.
> debconf questions aside, I think ftp.debian.org is a much saner *default* 
> than ftp.jp.debian.org. I've always wondered where the later silly default 
> came from. =)

Good Trivia question.  The reasons for using ftp.jp.debian.org are, in
random order:

1. ftp.debian.org is not a full mirror anymore, it doesn't have the
   lesser architectures.

2. ftp.jp.debian.org is slow for most people, but it does have the
   network bandwidth; which is not too bad as a default mirror.

3. It's just a default, people are expected to edit the configuration.

4. Historic reason: at one time in history, ftp.debian.org used to be
   unstable compared to ftp.jp.debian.org. Changing default mirror to
   something more reliable probably saved a few bugreports.  (However,
   looking back at the repository log, it was ftp.jp.debian.org from
   day 2, so I don't really know if that's true)

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