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Re: A sane guess at default Debian mirror for pbuilder

On Sunday 27 May 2007 09:25:50 Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> After 6 years or so of setting ftp.jp.debian.org as default for
> pbuilder, I'm finally determined that it shouldn't stay like this.  So
> I'd like to have some default guessing to happen.  Preferably I don't
> want to ask via debconf, since users should have already answered the
> question at installation-time.
> debootstrap:
> 	uses ftp.debian.org as default mirror.

debconf questions aside, I think ftp.debian.org is a much saner *default* 
than ftp.jp.debian.org. I've always wondered where the later silly default 
came from. =)

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