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Re: Wanted: introductory page for all teams

On Saturday 26 May 2007 23:58, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   So well, sorry, but I don't see why I should be part of every
> mis-functioning team in Debian to have the right to say they do a poor
> job.

Constructive criticism is welcome; ridiculing only shows a bad attitude by 
the person who does it.

What you fail to see is that there is not really such a thing as the www 
team. Basically there are a bunch of people with commit access who all 
mostly just care about a particular part of the website.
For some this is the technical infrastructure, for some it is a set of 
pages, for some it is a translation and for some it is a combination. 
There is currently no such thing as a "team" that works on/looks after 
the website as a whole.

However, I do feel my comment is justified in the sense that if there is 
one thing in Debian that is the joint responsibility of _all_ DDs, then 
it is the website. So yes, if you've never contributed in any way to the 
website, feel some shame and kindly shut up.


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