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Re: rampant offtopic and offensive posts to debian-user

Some fun suggestions

1 UK Style: Political correctness script that creates a virtual witch hunt every time someone mentions anything off topic. 2 Fun Style: Debain developer membership requires a fee. The fee is a tax to pay for rental of a meeting place. The meeting place is used to settle disputes. Using an Epee... 3 Dangerous Style: Same but 30 paces with pistols. (no not paint ball pistols) 4 Sensible Style: Persons offending list must be down credited and are required to pay there debt in code. If their debt to DebIanSociety is not paid in full special bugs based on their main dislikes will be added to the code just to cause them discomfort. (hehe) 5 License Style: Their writings will become subject to the GPL meaning they must puréé or slice and scan their brains so that we have the source. 6 Religious Variant N.1 Style: The existence of these persons is denied for the rest of eternity due to conflict with the perfect views of the Debianism. Unfortunately I am not sure what those views are so I cannot elaborate how this might work. 7 Current Style: Write endless posts displaying the worst of the bunch so that if anyone missed these gems the first time round (which I did) then they can enjoy the discomfort of reading them this time instead.

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