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Re: [Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#425381: (Re: digikam: 0.9.2~beta1-2 uninstallable on amd64)

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 09:10:46PM +0100, Mark Purcell wrote:
> You are correct, sorry for closing out your bug so quickly..

> Question for debian-devel.  I'm aware of the Debian Library Packaging guide, but
> not quite sure how we should of handled this library transition, short of waiting
> for each library to be built by the autobuilders on all archs.  Is there any way the
> library transition would could go better??

> The problem:

> libkexiv2-1 depends on:
>  - libexiv2-0 [i386, kfreebsd-i386]
>  - libexiv2-0.12 [not i386, kfreebsd-i386]

> digikam depends on:
>  - libexiv2-0 [not arm, kfreebsd-i386, m68k, mips, mipsel, sparc]
>  - libexiv2-0.12 [mips, mipsel, sparc]
>  - libkexiv2-0 [mips, mipsel, sparc]
>  - libkexif1 [arm, kfreebsd-i386, m68k]
>  - libkexiv2-1 [not arm, kfreebsd-i386, m68k, mips, mipsel, sparc]

> Thus on amd64 digikam depends on libkexiv2-1 and conflicts with libexiv2-0.12, 
> but libkexiv2-1 depends on libexiv-0.12.

Why does it need to conflict?

> Fortunately the kde-extras team are also the packagers for libexiv and libkexiv, 
> so we should be able to resolve..

> What has to happen..

> libexiv2 needs to be built on all archs

This is already done.

> libkexiv needs to be built with the updated libexiv2 on all archs, then

This is done except for i386; binNMU scheduled.

> digikam can be built with all the updated dependant libraries.

BinNMUs scheduled for digikam and digikamimageplugins for all necessary
architectures.  I think this bug can be closed as no sourceful changes are

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