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Re: apt-get

Osamu Aoki wrote:
On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 11:06:39AM +0100, Howard Young wrote:

I did not find a list for APT so am asking here.

Is it possible to
apt-get remove package --andsuggestedpackages
and to do the opposite
apt-get install package --andsuggestedpackages

using the original lists rather than any text matches.

This is debian-user topic.
Thank you I will check there,
aptitude with regrex is the way to play APT with complex things.
I had hoped to avoid regrex, wanting instead a list that will not change so that those originally installed will be uninstalled even if the suggested package list has since been updated..
I am updating debian-reference and related contents are at:
Thank you for this link. I have read the information but it seems not to have a specific option for what I want. With some experimentation I may be closer but my main reason for asking had been because I have looked a few times but never found someone saying yes it is possible through a single APT command or no it is not possible through a single command.

For me it is useful to have this because from time to time I want to use something and install it with all features (Quanta is a good example of something that is better with its extra packages), which I achieve by copying the list of stated suggested packages to the install command. If I then want to remove the package I find it does not remove the other packages that were also installed as extras. I could go down the list of everything I have installed but this takes ten minutes and I might not notice something so if a command existed it would have been good to know.

Again thank you

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