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Group maintainance howto and role of uploaders


I recently started group maintenance of libblitz0 together
Konstantinos Margaritis <markos@debian.org> and just added myself
to the Uploaders field.  The package recently gathered a bug
(#424644) but I got no e-mail notific personally.  I draw the
conclusion that BTS automatically only informs the Adress
listed as Maintainer but not Uploaders.  Yes, I know that
I can subscribe to packages but I now have a more general
question here:

   Is there any group maintenance howto and if not are
   there people who would volunteer to co-author if I
   would start such a thing?

I guess starting with a wiki would be reasonable in the
first place but once some valuable content has been gathered
we should move this to Debian docs.

Another question would be whether it would be reasonable if
Uploaders should be included in BTS mail in any case and whether
I should file a wishlist bug against debbugs or whether this
bahaviour is intended and it would be better to use a
packaging related mailing list as Maintainer and single
Maintainers as Uploaders?  So this is kind of "RFC" for a
first paragraph of the intended Group Maintenance HowTo.

Kind regards



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