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Re: svn-buildpackage etc., mergeWithUpstream, and dpatch/quilt/cdbs again

Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> Now, how do you combine these? Several people have thought: "The VCS
> can handle the changesets. Putting patches under VCS is silly!"

I fully agree. Unfortunately Subversion doesn't make it easy for you. You
can keep your "patches" in different "feature branches", but it gets messy
since Subversion doens't keep track of merges.

> However, he can read debian/copyright and
> debian/README.Debian to find out where the maintainer keeps his
> repository,

Or check the PTS, if you use XS-Vcs-* control fields.

> I my dreams you can tag individual commits and the VCS lets you extract
> separate patches,

Have you looked at stgit?


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