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Re: how long is 'pending'

On Wednesday 16 May 2007 12:50, Neil Williams wrote:
> How long should bugs be tagged pending in advance of an upload?

For me "pending" is a signal to users saying "issue has been confirmed, 
solution is available and will be included with the next upload".

It would IMO not be correct to mark a bug pending if it is fixed but not 
yet been released upstream (unless you plan to upload a fixed version 
based on current upstream).

A relevant question is: how long can you reasonably delay uploading a 
package that has bugs that are marked pending. That IMO depends on the 
severity and type of the BR. The general Free Software rule is probably 
relevant here: release early, release often.
But for example, it is not a huge problem to tag translation updates 
pending and not upload for a longish time.
If there are other issues with the package (e.g. needs a new version of a 
library that's not yet available) that prevent an upload, that should not 
prevent you from setting a pending tag.


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