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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.

In several mails you claimed testing as broken.  This is completely
orthognal to my experience.  I'm using testing since its existence
on most of my boxes.

I use it on some boxes too, however, mostly the snapshots from the half-year before-stable period of time. Attempts to use much sooner snapshots were not too successfull for me.

Only production servers are running stable and
I keep my fingers from running unstable (except of chroots).  So
were is the proof for you statement.  What are the numbers of the
bugs you might have reported against packages in testing?

Don't remember, not too much. However, if hundred of packages had broken deps, where would You report the bug? I'm not too experienced with apt and I hate hacking around it. Another hand, many problems were well-known by the time I met them, there wasn't need to report them again.

I'd say, half of problems with testing were connected to bugs in installer. I know the guys are doing though work around it, however I think installer should get stabilised a while before the testing gets into feature freeze. Etch has been quite better by this means than Sarge btw.

 Could you
please a bit more verbose about your problems in testing because
nobody else made it to my radar that testing is that unusable.
Perhaps I missed something ...

I heared many people on mailing lists saying they would never suggest running testing for other than testing purposes, and they often added typical problems one coan get in with testing..
However, problems with testing are matter of other topic, an't they? ;-)

Best regards


Kind regards

           Andreas (writing from a laptop that runs testing. ;-))

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