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Re: Debian desktop -situation, proposals for discussion and change. Users point of view.


On Le Tuesday 15 May 2007, à 14:01:28, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > Testing should simply be the place where _platform_ changes are shaken 
> > out, not the "input buffer for the new software".
> Actually sid is where the platform changes are done. And once they're OK,
> they get moved to testing in a coherent manner. So testing should stay
> usable.

And you can also look at [CUT][] which seems a project to fit well
desktop user's needs.

  "Constantly Usable Testing"


Post Scriptum : greg@gregfolkert.net wrote in
> CUT was exactly what testing was supposed to be, in the beginning.
> Period. It hasn't become that. It has gotten to the point that
> sometimes
> testing is borkdened for long periods of time... in small areas mind
> you, but still broken.

which I agree even in a lot of case testing is really usable

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