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procps init.d scripts in rcS.d

  I'm looking at bug #343620 where procps.sh should not exit because it
is being sourced by the rc scripts and it exiting kills the calling
script. Simple enough so far.

What I am unsure about is why procps.sh should be a .sh file anyway.
The script sets kernel parameters, I'm pretty sure it doesn't muck
around with the environment.  I had a look at the bug where I changed it
to a .sh file (Bug #52228 ) but there doesn't appear to be a good
reason for doing it there.

Finally, procps.sh (or procps init script soon possibly) is called
at runlevel S with a 30 prefix, which means it is before the network
is enabled.  I've people at times mention it should be moved, others
not.  NOW is the time to mention it, either way.

My preference is to leave it where it is, but if there is a really good
reason why it should be moved then let's hear it.  

My reasons for leaving where it is are:
  * It doesn't change any behaviour
  * Setting up all the funky networking parameters should be done
    before you up your interfaces.

Please CC me.

 - Craig
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