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Re: Estimating number of existing Debian users

Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> I can assume there are 1,000,000 Debian users worldwide. Does this
> number sound big or small to you?

Too small. Recall that there were over 1 million Debian systems used as
web servers alone in 2005.

Hmm, if I take that number from netcraft and compare it to the popcon of
the time, which showed 3000 apache + 1000 apache2, it looks like maybe 1
in 250 systems ran popcon in 2005. That sounds approximately right,
but we won't know what the numbers are like for etch unless netcraft
releases another survey.

Since there were around 10000 apache+apache2 installs reported in popcon
before etch released, I'd guess we had at least 2.5 million web servers

> This is a wild extrapolation, so the number is pretty unreliable,
> especially the usage of popcon is too small to be significant;

A worse problem shows up if you look at the popcon graph for
apt-listbugs and compare it to the general popcon graph. While the number
of popcon users has increased by about 1/3 since etch released, there is
negligible change in the number of apt-listbugs installations reported in

The 30000 apt-listbugs users you're seeing in your logs could all be
users who installed it before etch was released. Probably not entirely
the case, but I see little in the numbers to say otherwise, unless you
also have some numbers for how many were using it before etch release?

see shy jo

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