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Bug#422392: ITP: gimp-plugin-registry -- A repository of optional extensions for The GIMP

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de>

* Package name    : gimp-plugin-registry
  Version         : 0.0
* URL             : http://registry.gimp.org/
* License         : several, mainly GPL
  Programming Lang: c, c++, python, perl, ....
  Description     : A repository of optional extensions for The GIMP

This package will contain several plugins/extensions to GIMP, which are
imho useful for many people. The description will contain a list of all
contained plugins (and is far from beeing complete yet).
Most extensions are too small to be packaged into a package on their
own, that's why I want to package several of them into one package.
If you know an extension you'd like to see in this package, please let
me know by replying to this bug report. See http://registry.gimp.org/
for a list of existing extensions.

All extensions should fulfil the following requirements:
 * no special dependencies to libraries (except libgimp & co). I will
   not include any extensions which need 30M of libraries as
 * must work with Gimp 2.3 from experimental
 * must be under a DFSG and GPL compatible licence, of course. Several
   plugins either don't have a licence at all or a not compatible one,
 * must be useful and create something that is not easily
   reproducible with 2 mouse clicks.
 * should be capable of handling images of at least 5000x5000 pixel
   without running into memory issues or taking the whole night to



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