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Re: LSB init scripts

On Friday 04 May 2007 05:53:39 Marc Haber wrote:
> >I think that would give you the best of both worlds, particularly if
> > it's combined with logging so that the *full* output, without any
> >prettification, goes into a file on disk somewhere.
> Agreed, with the option of having the whole blurb on the console for
> debugging just in case that the box does not come up cleanly.

Or, having the option to have the main vt console come up with nice, 
minimal, terse output, and have full output spit to a different console 
(e.g. vt12).

(I've actually set up a few of my systems manually to do something similar, 
like have different syslog levels/types go to vt10, vt10, and vt12, since 
those are rarely used for anything else.)

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