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Re: Thoughts on distributing virtual machine images to promote Debian

Michael Hanke wrote:
> True, but it wasn't my intention to put it into a package as it would be
> obviously useless for the target audience.

sorry, I did understand it the other way round.

> I thought about distributing
> it along other media (installation CDs/DVDs, Live-CDs).

i do not have the power to decide anything about that, but i wouldn't be
surprised if the people in charge are not in favour of using webspace on
cdimage.d.o for such highly specialised systems.

> I thought instead of making a Neuroimaging VM only, it
> might be useful to have one common base where others can make
> DebianMolekular, DebianPhysics, ... VMs.

i have no clue about the internals of vmware filesystemimages, but it
would be definitely nice to add it as a binary image typo to
live-helper. i'll look into it at a later point.

(the usb images of live-helper, which are technically identical to a hd
image, can be used as a hd image in qemu)

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