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Re: Thoughts on distributing virtual machine images to promote Debian

Michael Hanke wrote:
> I think VMs are superior to Live-CDs for this task as the VMs can be
> used as a living Debian system that can be further customized. In
> contrast Live-CDs always feel like a snapshot of a certain system that
> one has to live with.

just for the records: live-cds can be persistent too.

> If a user discovers any problem with a Live-CD image, the best he/she
> can do is report it and wait for it to get fixed, redownload and try
> again. But most likely it won't happen. Why should one replace one set
> of installation/maintainance problems with another.

with persistency, you can modify it as if it would be a 'non-live'
system; and once you reboot it, your previous changes are still there.

> A VM image can be easily modified/fixed/customized. Additionally
> IMHO it demonstrates much better the real advantages of Debian: the
> wealth of high quality free software only one 'apt-get' away.

apt-get can be used on our livecds just as on every 'non-live' Debian
system, regardless if persistency is enabled or not.

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