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Re: What's needed to integrate backports at full scale

Scribit Raphael Hertzog dies 15/04/2007 hora 14:07:
> The automatic dependency are mostly right and they are not a problem
> if a simple recompilation replaces them with a dependency that works
> within stable.

In the cases where this is only a matter of a simple recompilation,
maybe we should just make it easier for this recompilation to happen.
Maybe we just need to use existing tools in a clearly documented way,
and explain to maintainers where the corner cases are.

A maintainer could first do as usual, and build the package in sid, with
automated dependencies on packages currently in Sid. Then, by
incrementing the Debian revision of the package, he could do various
rebuilds (or the build daemons could do them), going back in time. In
current testing, then in stable, maybe even in oldstable. Maybe the CUT
releases could also become interesting targets.

> However as you know, there's rarely something like "simple
> recompilation" to backport a package because:
> (1) the build-dependency require a package which is not in stable
> (2) the generated package depends on packages which are not in stable

Are there numbers about the ratio of packages that would only need

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