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Re: The number of etch installations is rocketing...

Fabio Tranchitella <kobold@kobold.it> writes:

> * 2007-04-12 11:29, Joey Hess wrote:
>> I wonder if it would be reasonable to make d-i hit one of two urls
>> depending on whether the user chose to enable popcon, and count the
>> results.
> Isn't this a violation of user's privacy? If the user hitted `No', this
> really means that he doesn't want to call home.

If the user hit enter on 'No' there could be another question asking
whether to just report that you installed a new machine.  The default
for that question would be 'Yes'.

Hm.  To reduce the number of questions asked during install, I suggest
having three options for the popcon question:

 [ ] No, don't use popcon
 [X] No, don't use popcon, but notify that you installed a new machine.
 [ ] Yes, use popcon

The middle option would be the default.  It would do a HTTP GET to
some debian.org machine.

However, this opens up for people setting up bots to destroy the


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