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Re: 64-bit transition deadline (Re: Etch in the hands of the Stable Release Managers)

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 12:25:33PM -0400, Matthias Julius wrote:
> 64bit Linux has been available since years.  Pro/E is available for
> 32bit RHEL only.  UGS NX was to be ported to Linux as well, but I
> couldn't find any information on their website.  It seems like you
> have to log in first and you have to be a customer for that.
> So why is nobody adopting 64bit Linux (or *BSD)?
> Autodesk will not even have a win64 port of Inventor with the upcoming
> release.  They do have one for AutoCAD.  I doubt Autodesk will ever
> port their software to Linux.  They are tied up with MS all over.
> Inventor requires MS Excell and it uses VBA.  Their data management
> system requires MS IIS and MS SQL Server.  They are just switching
> from OpenGL to DirectX...

Autodesk is fortunately slowly becoming less relevant as much better
programs are eating away at their market share.  Moving to directx
sounds crazy given the pro level graphics cards have certified opengl
drivers, not directx drivers.  They really must have had too much of the
Microsoft coolaid.

> AFAIK it doesn't look much better for SolidWorks.

Solidworks has 64bit support, and they are sticking with opengl.

As for making a linux version, I don't see much chance of that any time

Len Sorensen

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