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Re: 64-bit transition deadline (Re: Etch in the hands of the Stable Release Managers)

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 04:36:06PM +0100, Luis Matos wrote:
> Maybe software vendors will look at linux for more power for less
> hardware, using 64 bit solution.
> Talking about CAD and CAM, for example, they need too much of power,
> even if machines are currently enought.
> Having linux to complete use 64 bit solutions may open a door for
> software vendors to built their applications on linux.
> Free cad implementations are too simple for use in some industrial
> environments, when programs like CATIA or Solidorks, or inventor, Come
> in Mind.
> These programs are expensive and require power that can be better used
> in 64 bit platform.
> CATIA has unix versions ... i don't really know if they will ever have
> linux versions.

Who knows.  Given they probably have to do extensive testing to cerfity
a platform with specific hardware and drivers and everything else with
specific versions, it may simply not be feasable to do that for linux,
at least not at this time.

Len Sorensen

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