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Re: Poll: Anybody using debpool?

|--==> Andreas Fester writes:

  AF> Hi Magnus,
  AF> Magnus Holmgren wrote:
  AF> [...]
  >>Since I liked it very much I immediately started adding and rewriting code and 

  AF> "me too" ;)

Count me in as well :)

  >>submitting my suggestions for improvement to the BTS, but unfortunately Joel 

  AF> Yes, I also sent him an email some time ago, asking if he is interested
  AF> in what I did, my but never got a reply.

And the same happened to me..

  AF> - Added support for multi arch archives (the .package files were
  AF>   not arch specific and therefore overwritten when an additional
  AF>   arch-specific package was uploaded)

Very good! This is a feature the official debpool really misses.

Me too have submitted a very simple patch (#350503) more than one year
ago, and I have another one lying around to support udebs as well. If
you are interested I can polish it up and submit it.

  AF> The package is at http://littletux.homelinux.org/debian/pool/main/d/debpool/

  >>I'd like to suggest, then, that a project be started on Alioth, let's 
  >>say "saving-debpool" or "debpool-2g". Or anything that is better.  :-) 

It seems there's currently no debpool project on Alioth, so why not
simply "debpool"? :)

  >>wanted to make clear that no one is "stealing" debpool or anything. 
  >>Discussion can then continue on an associated mailing list.

  AF> Great! I would be glad to contribute to this project!



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