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Re: Bug#417261: dch: please use dates in UTC

On Mon, 02 Apr 2007, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> Lars Wirzenius schrieb:
> > My gut feeling is that there's more people who edit the timestamp
> > manually than those who compare them mentally, so I'm in favor of
> > maintaining status quo.
> Hmm and my gut feeling is that the vast majority of maintainers just use
> dch instead of manually writing the changelog skeleton (it's faster and
> less error prone). But until we have verifiable numbers it's all moot.

I think you'll find that a reasonable proportion use the emacs and vi
modes as well, and moreover, you'll still have to deal with the
historical changelog records.

Plus, anyone who actually wants this feature can easily 
alias dch='TZ=UTC dch'; or whatever their shell's equivalent is.

Regardless, since the timezone is represented numerically, it's not
like you can't do the addition or subtraction to UTC programmatically
or mentally relatively trivially.

Don Armstrong
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