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Re: Bug#417261: dch: please use dates in UTC

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 02:11:51PM +0200, Christoph Berg wrote:
> > > > Since dates written to changelogs are going to be read by people all over the
> > > > world, IMHO it is better if these dates are in UTC to make it easier to
> > > > figure out when it was uploaded in comparison to other events (such as the
> > > > upload of a related package, etc).
> > > This is a nice idea.  I think it should also be discussed on
> > > debian-devel and debian-policy.
> Oh no, please don't. The timezone is included in the timestamp, so it
> is *meant* to be a local timestamp.
> I like it that way because that adds some personal touch about the
> place the upload was made from.

I share the feeling of "niceness" of the personal touch, but this isn't
a technical reason, and the point of uniforming a timezone so that it's
easier to compare dates among different changelog is definitely a valid

If we only have to support "personal" timezones for the sake of it then
it's equally reasonable to change the default so that it's UTC, but
letting people override it in some way.  A default of uniformness among
DDs is arguably more sane that a default which differentiate that.

Any other reason for not using UTC as the default?

> See also
> http://kitenet.net/~joey/blog/entry/what_timezones_have_you_uploaded_debian_packages_from.html

So what?  A nice post :), but it does not take any side in the present


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