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Re: More stuff the installer does which isn't done on upgrade

Bastian Venthur wrote:
> I've written a bugreport (#403706) which was discussed for a long time
> until it finally was downgraded from grave to important and became a
> "documentation issue" the for release-notes.
> A questionable move especially since I know from debian-user-german that
> many users seem to be affected by this bug.

Your last message to #403706 suggests that you are not familiar with the
current status of the bug.

The remaining possible bad effect from #403706 is that if dhcp takes too
long to run during boot, the network may not be configured by the time
daemons (ssh, apache, etc) are started, and it's possible that this
could break some daemon, which might expect the network to be configured
before it runs. Nothing is actually known to be broken by this problem,
so it's just theoretical at this point, unless someone sends more info.

You may be confusing it with #403804, which was fixed in udev version

see shy jo

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