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Re: video codecs in HTML 5

Romain Beauxis schrieb:
> Well, check for mpeg4 decoders in main archive..
> I think you are missunderstanding his point, because a patent is not directly 
> related to the freeness of the code. 
> If we were to remove all software that is subject ot patent threats, we would 
> remove most of our archive I fear...

To legally use MPEG4 you have to pay fees. Not only is MPEG4 encumbered
by patents, they're enforced, too. Same for MP3. To my knowledge no MPEG
patents are installed by default on Debian - for good reasons.

Albeit the license of the decoder source code may be free the patent
claims prevent that code to be really free. Although the MPEG-LA isn't
chasing single end-users they're definately going after wide-scale
distribution of "their" coding methods without a proper license. This
effectively makes those codecs non-free.

Maik Merten

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