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Messages delayed on packages.debian.org?

Dear Debian admins,

I again suspect some delays in mail delivery for messages sent to

I use such addresses quite extensively during my own various jihads
such as l10n updates or the newly founded debconf rewrite project
aaimed at proofreading all debconf templates.

As of last Sunday, I sent a test mail to
"geneweb@packages.debian.org". geneweb being a package of mine, I'd
expect the mail to be delivered to me a few minutes/hours after.

Indeed, nearly two days after, I still didn't get this mail.

May someone check the mail queue on <whatever host is involved>?

Several weeks ago (back in January, IIRC), Joerg Jaspert did flush the
mail queue on some host a few times after I reported the same issue.

In case something is discovered, I suggest this issue to get some
attention by the Debian admins, as it may affect severely the way to
communicate with package maintainers on a reliable way.


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