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Re: Maintainers

Thanks to the people in the library at the college I attended.
I believe this is the same as or very similar to the one I used:

Title: Information technology: GNVQ Advanced
Names: Knott, Geoffrey  (Author); Waites, Nick  (Author)
Publisher: Business Education Publications
Date: 1997
ISBN: 1901888010

or else mine was similar to:

Title: GNVQ Advanced information technology
Names: Hodson, Peter    (Editor)
Date: 1995
Publisher: DP Publications
ISBN: 1858051118


Title: GNVQ Advanced Information Technology
Names: Doyle, Stephen   (Author)
Publisher: Stanley Thornes
Date: 1997
ISBN: 0748728902

I will try to locate a a copy of the first one in order to find out what the book was based on.


Jon Stearn wrote:
Hi Howard

This is an outstanding idea - i'd be very happy to work with you on
pushing it forward. I have long experience with linux and in delivering
training and producing course materials. Do uyou have a copy of the
material that you used? Or a book title or ISBN that you could give me?



On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 06:29:49PM +0000, Howard Young wrote:
See the email I sent after wards. It has the same subject (and sorry, it is quite long).

In short I suppose the material answer to your question would be:
A set of books and for quick sale of the proposal possibly having a few people run localized linux terminal servers that allow colleges to have dumb terminals and no need to reinstall network with Linux or install servers if they just want to try one term.

In England courses often funded by being run to comply with certain criteria i.e. SHOWS THE USER HOW TO OPERATE A MOUSE and so on (but less specific).

If the book and software covers the criteria I suspect it would be possible to have it approved so that the government give whatever approval they can to the book. This is speculation of course as I am not sure if the present books are 'approved'?

After reading the other email does this make sense?
If the books are GPL then people will be able to study for the qualification by downloading a PDF. As the course is in UNITS it is not really necessary for someone to write an entire book. Individuals can conform to a standard based on the aforementioned criteria and government accessibility requirements...

Greg Folkert wrote:
On Mon, 2007-03-05 at 10:33 +0000, Howard Young wrote:
I know of a way that maintainers could be increased substantially (I expect hundreds to many thousands a year). I am not sure of the specifics but I have little doubt that in the end it would work. It will likely take more than four years to implement and only work in England.
Exactly what are you proposing?
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