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Re: Plug applications into browsers


I had wanted to use MSYS to develop for the other platform. Most of my experience is with WIN32 API, ATL3/COM+ and DirectX on the other platform.

Ron Johnson wrote:
Huh?  ActiveX is woven deeply into, and relies upon the Win32 API.

1 I want to develop on Linux only. Writing:
a) An Active X for Windows
b) Linux equivalent
c) MacOS equivalent through QT
d) Java applet (for all)
e) Some other platform bits I need not bother you with.

I suppose you might take example from one of the cooperate AV companies who have an executable for each platform the target.
For more than a decade, Java and JavaScript applets have been able
to run from within the "Netscape" browser.

What exactly do *you* mean by plug-in?
For example a stream client.
I will use Java but I want a backup.
On all platforms it seems possible to write a separate application but in no real way integrated with the browser. Obviously I am being a little lazy by asking if anyone has heard of such a thing so that I can make use of that information however it seemed sensible since I have looked, not found and will now head for the development documentation for all browsers as a sensible path. There are however other ways round which may be more realistic than a plug in for each browser. With Windows because of the way programs can be enclosed development time is reduced a little. If this translates to Linux or perhaps just per browser that is a benefit.

Realistically these questions should perhaps go to every single browser mailing list but it seemed sensible to ask here first.

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