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Re: Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I'm sorry, but I don't know how do you relate with my analysis. Do you
> usually vote for the DPL elections or GRs? If not then yes, I feel you
> don't need a key (but see below). Of course this do not imply you should
> ask for the removal: there's a deficiency in our boolean sharp
> distinction among DDs and non-DDs, but that's not your fault.

GRs always, yes, and for DPL, I'm not yet sure if I will (depends on the
candidates :).

>From history, it seems to me that a DPL can't do anything anyway. (I
don't mean this cabal stuff which comes up every year or so; imho, the
role of the DPL should be redesigned, however, this would lead us to far
away to explain it here what I mean). If I would take the DPL vote
serious, I would have to invest much time in it, which atm I don't think
worth it.

> Sure, that's a matter of easiness in performing your work. IMO it should
> be possible to work on packages without having the need of being a DD
> (i.e. without the right/duty to vote) and without having the burden of
> ask for sponsorship.

I do care about GRs as these are *really* expressing and steering the
way Debian goes. I don't care so much about who wheares the DPL for the
next year, as it doesn't make so much a difference, compared to GRs.

If you say, that someone not participating in GRs *and* DPL votes at
all, should have his/her voting priviledge remove, I agree. But I don't
agree, just because someone doesn't participate in the DPL circus to go
through the "RFS"-pain-in-the-ass, and, as in my case, defacto stop
contributing to Debian.

> In other words I'm totally in favour of a more fine grained
> classification of Debian contributors on the lines of what has been
> discussed at DebConf6 (IIRC during a BOF/talk by Myon):
> - sporadic contributors (no vote right/duty, no upload permission)
> - maintainer (no vote right/duty, upload permission)
> - DD (vote right/duty, upload permission)

I don't think it makes sense for someone with full upload permissions to
not be able to vote. It *may* make possible sense to finer graine the
upload permissions, such as uploading own packages only (I'm not
advocating this, and it should be proper worked out be someone cluefull
before). That was imho discussed already somewhere else (newmaint I guess).

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