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Re: debian rocks!

On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 10:34:10AM -0200, Bruno Buys wrote:
> Just count one more happy debian user! Reinstalled yesterday, to switch 
> from x86 sarge to amd64 etch. Everything went flawlessly.
> Downloaded last netinst, booted it, hardware detected smoothly. The 
> machine has two sound cards, both worked as before. I chose manual disk 
> editing, reformatted both / and /usr/bin, left /backup and /home 
> untouched. The new system was installed in like 15 min or less. Rebooted 
> into new system, skipped tasksel completely, apt-get installed kde, 
> x-window-system, xorg, and their fellows. No surprises. New kde found 
> all my configs, got a desktop just identical to the previous. The only 
> catch ins't debian related: vmware seems to not like my 
> /usr/src/include/linux, and asks for a new linux/version.h. But i can 
> live with that.
> So, for now I can only thank the project for such a solid system. In the 
> future, when I will be wealthier, I hope to donate regularly.

Glad you're having an excellent experience! :-)

For extra points, go test the upgrade experience.


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