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Re: For Those Who Care About: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

On Saturday 03 February 2007 20:25, Joey Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
> > No it's not.  It's what we technically call a Joke.  Debian could use
> > more of them.  (And yes, I do invite people to make jokes on my expense
> > when the occasion arises.)
> While I agree that it could help improve the discussion culture if
> more jokes would be made in Debian, I reject the idea that they should
> be made of cost of others, MJ Ray in this case.  Make the Tux an
> honorary member, that would've been fine.  This is just an insult.

What was insulting about this?

Is MJ known to have a great dislike of Switzerland or is there any other 
reason to believe that he would be offended by such a joke?

I hereby create the Informal Debian Developers society and name MJ Ray as the 
first honorary member.  Honorary members can't quit!  ;)

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