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Re: For Those Who Care About: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> On Friday 02 February 2007 09:33, Sam Hocevar wrote:
> > On Fri, Feb 02, 2007, martin f krafft wrote:
> > > PS: Almost all... as first official act, I herewith announce the
> > > nomination of Mark J. Ray as an honorary member of debian.ch.
> > > Honorary members have no rights and no obligations, but they also
> > > cannot quit.
> >
> >    Is that legal?
> No it's not.  It's what we technically call a Joke.  Debian could use more 
> of them.  (And yes, I do invite people to make jokes on my expense when the 
> occasion arises.)

While I agree that it could help improve the discussion culture if
more jokes would be made in Debian, I reject the idea that they should
be made of cost of others, MJ Ray in this case.  Make the Tux an
honorary member, that would've been fine.  This is just an insult.



All language designers are arrogant.  Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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