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Re: Bugs in default GNOME etch?

On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 15:15 +0100, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> For programming languages, I prefer the one that makes programmers
> easily understand all code written by others. For desktop environments,
> I prefer the one that provides the cleanest and most efficient UI. YMMV.

Wow, my extreme GNOME Overlord wants a desolate landscape, made of
colored concrete, with concrete furniture and everything set in
concrete. Concrete made the of the Finest Hoover Portland, Italian
Marble Aggregate and the finest black sand from Wainapanapa beach.

Amazing. Since I have changed my habits to work like a new user, my
productivity has skyrocketed during the time which I was usually
"configuring" my desktop. Though, I still have to recover my
productivity on the time after this point. That has plummeted
drastically and continues to mull about there.

Sorry, I must refrain... last punch, I swear.

Novell's Directory Services is a competitive product to Microsoft's
Active Directory in much the same way that the Saturn V is a competitive
product to those dinky little model rockets that kids light off down at
the playfield. -- Thane Walkup

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