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Re: Bugs in default GNOME etch?

Le samedi 20 janvier 2007 à 04:30 -0500, Greg Folkert a écrit :
> I would assert they are not listening to their former BIGGEST fans and
> users. You can easily find droves rants/discussions of current GNOME
> users very disgruntled with the REMOVAL of features that previously were
> there. Some users are now FORMER GNOME users due to these removals. 

Features. Features, features, features. Do you only want features,
without even knowing whether they are useful? Sorry, usability is not
about features.

I, for one, thank those usability engineers for removing these tons of
useless features that clutter menus, desktop, applications, and dialog
boxes. You can gain much productivity by removing them, and that doesn't
only account for newbie users. There is still work to do, e.g. by
looking at the insane list of capplets.

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