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Re: If I play piano while my computer starts up, /dev/dsp disappears !

Package: udev
Severity: normal

On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 06:02:10PM -0500, Dumitrescu, Eduard wrote:
>     My computer is connected to my piano through a usb-midi cable. If
> I use my piano while the computer starts up, whether /dev/dsp is
> renamed to /dev/dsp1,

Is that a problem? If so, how? Software that uses your MIDI-interface
should just work with dsp1, too.

> or it simply disappears!

That, of course, *is* a problem.

> I'm using a Debian Etch weekly build from 13
> January 2006. If I do an `lsmod', all snd-* modules are loaded as
> usual.

It would be helpful if you could provide more information, such as:

* what type of MIDI-interface you have (the output of 'lsusb' would be
* what kernel you're running
* what architecture you're running this on.

> What is happening? I did not post this on bugs.debian.org as I
> do not know in which package the bug is. 

My guess is that it's either the kernel or udev which is doing something
wrong here. I'm filing this as a bug on udev for the time being; I'm
sure Marco will properly reassign this bug once you've provided the
extra information.

Also note that there is a package "generic" which was specifically
created for cases like these, where you're not sure which package is
responsible for the bug. You may want to file a bug against generic next

(Please wait with providing feedback until you know the bug number, and
then send it to <number>@bugs.debian.org).

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