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Bug#332739: Processed: retitle 332739 to debian packages are not safe to build on AFS, since find is typically used without -noleaf ...

>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi> writes:

    Lars> Personally, I don't see that we need to support building
    Lars> Debian packages on systems (including file systems) that
    Lars> don't support Unix semantics.  If we can fix building for
    Lars> AFS by merely changing find, good, but requiring changes to
    Lars> all, many, or even any packaging scripts because of this
    Lars> sounds like a bad idea to me.

This change would seem appropriate even if we don't support building

I don't think users of find should need to add a file-system specific
option to the command line just to get it to work.

It would be like if there was a separate version of ls for every
filesystem, eg. ls_ext2, ls_xfs, ls_resierfs, ls_vfat - OK - maybe
this is a bit extreme, but I think it illustrates my point.
Brian May <bam@snoopy.debian.net>

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