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Re: Bug#407054: ITP: noos -- text mode rss feed reader

* Arnaud Guiton <arnaud-deb@aerine.net> [2007-01-16 11:53]:
> Nico wrote :
> > > I just want to let you know that noos is also the name of a french
> > > cable internet provider, although I do no know if that would justify
> > > changing the package name to something longer...
> > 
> > http://www.noos.fr/offre/images/interface/logos/logo.jpg
> > Website says numericable noos. Anyone knows more?
> According to http://www.noos.fr/corporate/societe_infoslegales.php the
> company "social denomination" (I'm not sure about the English translation)
> is just "NOOS"...
> Also, according to the French industrial property institute
> (http://www.icimarques.com), "NOOS" is a registered trademark in France and
> "noos" a registered trademark in Europe.

Thanks for the information, upstream will rename the 
Kind regards
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