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Re: Bug#407054: ITP: noos -- text mode rss feed reader

Nico wrote :

> > I just want to let you know that noos is also the name of a french
> > cable internet provider, although I do no know if that would justify
> > changing the package name to something longer...
> http://www.noos.fr/offre/images/interface/logos/logo.jpg
> Website says numericable noos. Anyone knows more?

According to http://www.noos.fr/corporate/societe_infoslegales.php the
company "social denomination" (I'm not sure about the English translation)
is just "NOOS"...

Also, according to the French industrial property institute
(http://www.icimarques.com), "NOOS" is a registered trademark in France and
"noos" a registered trademark in Europe.

Of course someone should double check this because I'm not an IP specialist
at all. I've also absolutely no idea on the impact this can have on the



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