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Re: Bug#406495: ITP: odt2txt -- simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text


On 1/12/07, Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org> wrote:
>  odt2txt extracts the text out of OpenDocument Texts, as produced by
>  OpenOffice.org, KOffice, StarOffice and others. It is small and
>  fast, can output the document in many encodings and adopts to your
>  locale.

How does it compare to the converter from the o3read package? Can there
be some automagic mutt handling such as for antiword?

I was needing an OpenDocument (.odt) to text converter, like antiword.
OpenDocument [1] is now the default format of OpenOffice Writer (and I
hope that one day it will be the default on every program, including
MS Word).

o3read displays the older format of OpenOffice (.sxw). (see #359820)
And what I could see, o3read isn't very straightforward to get the
text from a document (manpage says that you need to unzip the
document, then pipe it through o3read, for example).

With odt2txt you just need to run "odt2txt file.odt" and you will get
the text output from it.
I am not a mutt guru, but I think that it might be easy to run odt2txt
on an attached .odt file. (sincerely I don't know how to do this; my
mutt acknowledge is very limited)

odt2txt will only convert word processing documents; spreadsheets
aren't handled, for example.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDocument

I hope that I could answer all your doubts :-)

Best regards,

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