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Re: Using Makefile for copy files into a package

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 12:41:58PM +0000, Rodrigo Tavares wrote:
> Hello,

> I'm trying install the scripts before run the preinst.
> In the first line in my preinst i put this line:

> install -m 755 debian/scripts-bd/script.sh /opt

> But when the package is ready (after
> dpk-buildpackage). 

> And i do : dpkg -i package.deb

> The installation begin, but the first line isn't
> executed. 

> It's happen because the directory is /root.
> I saw the /root/ using pwd. Still the package never
> found the base debian/

Just to be clear, your preinst looks like it'll try to install the
script at /root/debian/scripts-bd/script.sh into /opt. Unless of course
dpkg changes its current working directory.

If you're trying to install a script from the debian directory of
the package source, you can't do that in preinst, as the .deb has
not yet been unpacked. You instead would have to have sucked that
script into the preinst and catted it back out into /opt/ or
whereever. And then it would be outside dpkg's knowledge.

Mind you, my bizarre-o-meter is currently off in the red, suggesting
that you may be having a problems with the wrong solution to whatever
the problem is.

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