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Re: libapache-mod-auth-mysql

[Raphaël Pinson]
> Some time ago, libapache-mod-auth-mysql was removed from Debian testing
> because it didn't work. However, this package is largely used and really
> needs to be present in Debian.
> After spending some time trying to find a patch, I finally packaged the new
> upstream version and made a new package, including a patch from Mandriva to
> make it work with Apache 2.2.

Does it actually work properly?  Does it integrate with the apache 2.2
auth model?  I understand the supported way forward is to use
mod_authn_dbd (included in apache) with its mysql backend.  Which I plan
to try to support for etch, though we don't currently.

Are you in a position to test a migration to mod_authn_dbd and report
whether it works?  If you could, that would be wonderful so we can
document the process in a NEWS.Debian or something.  You'll need
libaprutil1 from http://p12n.org/tmp/apr-util+mysql/, which is not yet
uploaded to unstable.


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