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No /dev/cdrw anymore, udev problem?

#include <hallo.h>
* Peter Samuelson [Mon, Jan 08 2007, 03:26:21AM]:
> [Claus Fischer]
> > 9. cdrecord's miserable state is well known
> > 
> >    Like the majority of other Linux users, I wonder when
> >      $ burn_my_iso_to_cd <iso-file> /dev/cdrom
> >    will work as expected.
> Hmmm.
>   $ wodim filename.iso
> works for most situations.  But:
> 1) You must be root, or a member of the 'cdrom' group.
>    Use 'adduser yourusername cdrom' to define the group membership,
>    users allowed to talk directly to the CD drives.  (Note also,
>    changes in group membership only take effect at login time.)
> 2) You have a /dev/cdrw symlink to your CD writer device.
>    I'm not certain whether that symlink is set up automatically by
>    udev, as I don't use udev.  If you want to use a different default
>    device than /dev/cdrw, see /etc/wodim.conf.

Also note that it seems like there is currently nothing to create that
symlink. It seems like kernel passes only names like /dev/cdrwX where X
is steadily increasing. Only /dev/cdrom seems to be useable as a
constant filename but for many people their cdrom reader is not the same
as writer.

I think we have a problem here. As a workaround, I am going to add a bit
code to parse /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info and pickup the first CDR or
DVDR capable device there (depending on the track size, IMO).


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