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Re: Etch Software RAID Upgrade Trouble & Suggested Installer Improvements

[Claus Fischer]
> 9. cdrecord's miserable state is well known
>    Like the majority of other Linux users, I wonder when
>      $ burn_my_iso_to_cd <iso-file> /dev/cdrom
>    will work as expected.


  $ wodim filename.iso

works for most situations.  But:

1) You must be root, or a member of the 'cdrom' group.

   Use 'adduser yourusername cdrom' to define the group membership,
   users allowed to talk directly to the CD drives.  (Note also,
   changes in group membership only take effect at login time.)

2) You have a /dev/cdrw symlink to your CD writer device.

   I'm not certain whether that symlink is set up automatically by
   udev, as I don't use udev.  If you want to use a different default
   device than /dev/cdrw, see /etc/wodim.conf.

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