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Re: FSG Packaging Summit in Berlin

On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 08:28:39PM +0100, Mario Lang wrote:
> Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> > Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> >> 	Debian will get the Etch release out this year. Honest. What
> >> 	could possibly go wrong? Thereafter, the Debian developers will
> >> 	go back to arguing about firmware in the kernel.

> >> Honestly, it was not my intent to insult anybody.  I'm sorry if I did.
> >> But, being the socially-challenged person I am, I still don't understand
> >> how that could be.

> > As I read it, there's an implication that all I, as a DD, am good for is
> > failing to get Debian releases out and spending all my time in pointless
> > discussion. I don't really feel that accurately describes me.

> Come on, what happened to Debian recently?  I miss the times when we
> simply said "xxx will release when it is ready".  In my book, such
> statements are what we deserve for pretending to have a crystal ball.
> We should never have started to publicly predict release dates IMO.

We did not *predict* a release date, we *set* a release *target*.  It's true
that etch won't be released until it's ready, but treating "when it's ready"
as the only target is a cop-out; the only way a project as large as Debian
can ever *be* ready is if a sufficiently large fraction of our members agree
to pull in the same direction at the same time in order to make that happen. 
How do you expect such agreement without even setting a goal that developers
can choose to support?

> I find this kind of amusing, and am NOT offended by such a statement.

I think going from "Debian will release etch on schedule or close to it" to
snide suggestions that Debian might miss the deadline by more than a year,
when we're still in the "close to it" range, is rather offensive.  But it's
also ignorable; I mean, listening to journalists' opinions about
development is almost as bad as listening to debian-devel posters' opinions
about development. ;)

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