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Re: RFC: Proposal for official screenshot repo

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 12:37:53PM -0500, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> > - Provide an HTML interface to the pool
> > 
> > If the packages names are the same I don't see the need to add yet another
> > line to the debian/control file, packages.debian.org would just need to point
> > to http://screenshots.debian.org/<package_name> and that's it.
> > 
> Good idea.  I'd not though about it that way.  We would then only need a
> default place holder for packages without screenshots.

Which would be easy to code if the screenshots access was governed by a CGI.

> > Do you mean server requirements? I guess that it's disk and bandwidth. 
> > As for limitations, if you are restricting this to DD uploads there is a
> > severe limitation (i.e. users cannot 'contribute' screenshots)
> > 
> What about my suggestion for user contributed screenshots via bug
> reports?  The BTS accepts attachments to emails, so I think that would
> work.

I think it would be best to follow backports.org here (read its
'contribution' page) and have users upload just like developers, using FTP
since that makes it fully automated. Maybe provide a mechanism for DDs to be
notified when a screenshot for their package has been uploaded (just like
with binary packages) so they can veto it (with a new upload).

Going through the BTS route means both clogging the BTS and also needing
somebody to manually review the submissions.

> > I say that is a good idea, but I'm not sure how screenshots.debian.org would
> > help your friend. If you are talking about one-five screenshot per package
> > (or per package version) that is hardly sufficient to explain how a package
> > manager works. Better yet if someone wrote a package management document
> > using DocBook and including screenshots and that was published in the
> > website.
> > 
> Here is how it would help.  He wants an email client and so he searches
> for one.  The list includes icedove, sylpheed, mutt, kmail, evolution
> and others.  They all have descriptions, but he can't visualize what
> they look like, especially not being familiar with them.  Having
> screenshots available makes it so that he can compare them, at least
> based on how they look.

Ok. I didn't understand your use case. The use of the descriptions in the
packages + screenshots for this use case is certainly something that would
help him get idea of wether a given package does (or does not) fit his needs.



PS: And after screenshots.debian.org we could go with video-demos.debian.org
which provided small animations or videos of the programs *being*used* which
is cooler (and could be easy to implement provided there is an
infraestructrure for static images) :)

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