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Bug#405628: RFP: cone -- COnsole Newsreader and Emailer (a GPL'ed pine clone)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : cone
  Version         : 0.69
  Upstream Author : Mr. Sam <mrsam@courier-mta.com>
* URL or Web page : http://www.courier-mta.org/cone/
* License         : GPL
  Description     : COnsole Newsreader and Emailer (a GPL'ed pine clone)

According to http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/11/28/1519247 cone
is modeled after the well-known but not-so-free MUA pine and therefore
could fit into Debian as a GPL'ed pine replacement. According to its
web page it shares a lot of libraries with the Courier MTA and is
written by the same people. It's pico-clone is named leaf (Lightweight
Editor of Ascii Files).

Beyond others cone has support for PGP, GPG, UTF-8, IMAP, POP3,
incoming HTML mails, external viewers, NNTP, SOCKS 5, SSL/TLS, SASL,
LDAP and IMAP based address books, remote storable configuration,
multiple accounts (can't remember having seen that in pine), tagging
mails with several different flags, and SMAP (Simple Mail Access
Protocol, a new IMAP and POP3 replacement developed by the Courier
guys and supported by the Courier developement versions).

Cone compiles smoothly on Sarge with just "sh configure && make". It
looks like pine with some of the known enhancement patches (e.g. it's
more colorful, but still not too colorful :-) and works quite
intuitively, IMHO even more than pine does. The only thing missing on
a first glance is the capability of mutt or pine to connect to an IMAP
server by tunneling IMAP over SSH. :-)

I really wonder why it isn't in Debian yet, since the Courier MTA
seems to be well-elaborated in Debian (at least according to the
number of packages it has been split into ;-).

		Kind regards, Axel
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