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Re: etch's upgrades during life cycle

Luis Matos wrote:
> Many users have complaints about in the middle of the life cycle, or
> before the debian stable release no longer supports new hardware.
> Therefor a new kernel would be needed for d-i ( or an hardware
> compatibility update for the kernel and modules).
> My proposal would be in point releases to change the kernel a bit to
> support more hardware. That kernel would be tested, ofcourse.
> What i am saying is: is it possible to in a lenny or lenny++ change the
> way debian upgrades it's stable, just for the kernel?

Yes, there are plans for a second set of kernels (and probably xservers)
nine months after Etch release, which will also have security support.

However nothing's fixed yet, as the current focus is on getting Etch ready.


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