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Re: Announce: zerotools (tools to keep virtual machine disks cleaner)

Hi, Aleksandr

Aleksandr Koltsoff wrote:
> Zerotools are a set of tools to aid keeping virtual disks clean (by
> filling binary zero to those regions which are no longer in "use").

I maintain the package perforate. It contains a very similar utility,
zum, that is just a small c binary that seems to do the same.

This package is no longer maintained upstream, so you might be
interested in looking at the source for zum.c (8 kb) and maybe tell me
if this is superseeded by your Zerotools application, which sounds very
likely to me.

Also take a look at http://bugs.debian.org/294297 and be warned that
these kind of utilities can ruin a vfat file system (just warning you
in case you have not thought about it). 

BTW, patches or a new upstream would be very welcome :)

Happy hacking!

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